Day Twenty Eight: I Actually Wrote a Book

After sending an email to CreateSpace at 7:50 pm informing them my book hadn’t arrived as promised… It arrived at 7:58 pm.

Normally I would feel like a dork, but It’s my book… my baby (With a gustation period greater than that of an African Elephant, mind you). I’ve been waiting to hold a print copy in my hands, fan the pages, and smell that new-book-smell for the first time.

And here it is…

Proof Copy

And… the spine is off!

So… If you remember from the last post, CreateSpace rejected the original cover art because there wasn’t enough leeway on the spine. I adjusted it based off their recommendation, which was contradictory to their guidelines. And guess how much the spine is off by? Yep. The same exact distance they had me adjust it. I guess that just hit’s home the folks who wrote the manual know more than the quality control team.

A few choice curse-words, and several deep breaths later, I flipped through the pages. And you know what? It looks great. I love it. It’s a dream come true.

Man, I hope people like it…

Actually, just getting people to read it will be a challenge. And that will be my focus going forward. Well… after I correct the cover… again… that is.

About Anthony A. Kerr

Anthony A. Kerr has always been a storyteller. Whether it was acting out elaborate plots with Star Wars figures when he was little, writing really, really, bad movies in high school, or creating weekly comic strips at work. Stories are always swirling around in his head, yelling at him to put them down on paper. Anthony grew up in Wooster, OH and currently lives in Denver, CO with his wife and three children.
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