Day Eleven – Fourteen: Spending Time With Family

Between birthdays and a visit from my little brother (Ryan), this weekend was about family. I could go into a whole speech about work-life balance, but in reality sometimes you just need to walk away from work in order to be keep on top of your game. And right now, everything I am doing is all about detail.

On Monday, Ryan and I went for a hike on one of the trails at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge. It’s amazing that a 17,000 acre park, with a large bison herd, exists just a couple of miles outside downtown Denver. As a matter of fact, this is the largest urban wildlife refuge in the United States. I’ve driven around it many times, but this was the first time I actually saw the herd.

Bison Herd

This was also the first time I actually walked around on one of the many trails. Three chapters of The Dragon Rustler take place here too.


So if you’re ever around Denver, and would like to see a bison herd and walk some nice trails, check out the Arsenal Refuge.

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Anthony A. Kerr has always been a storyteller. Whether it was acting out elaborate plots with Star Wars figures when he was little, writing really, really, bad movies in high school, or creating weekly comic strips at work. Stories are always swirling around in his head, yelling at him to put them down on paper. Anthony grew up in Wooster, OH and currently lives in Denver, CO with his wife and three children.
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